The project


Some troubles today? Forget About It !

Stop in at Lucky’s Bar, grab a chair and start watching the show… it will make you take a break from life’s challenges, and realize that someone else’s problems are much worse than yours, isn’t that fun ?!!

FORGET ABOUT IT is a pilot for feature movie, a comedy drama about a bar in New York City, locked down by the police, as well as the whole street because of a bank robbery and a hostage situation across the street.

Police, Fire Department, FBI, Media and NYC City Officials have turned it into operations HQ, and have to cohabit with the customers and staff who are mostly deranged individuals, who sometimes give them more trouble than the actual robbers… All hell breaks loose as the most bizarre characters ever seen on screen clash to a jaw dropping climactic ending.

The script was written by Tom Shaker and Rob Sitbon. Tom played the role of Lucky and Rob produced and directed the film, creating an international team that shot the pilot in Paris.

In 2013, even before finishing the project, one story from the pilot was cut into a short movie called “The War” that was selected and shown at 5 festivals, two of them in Hollywood, « Studio City Film Festival » and « The Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival », the International Viewster Festival, Toyama International Film Festival in Japan and received the first prize at the “Red Apple Party” Festival in Bordeaux, France. « The War » will be featured on Twisted Dreamscapes, the new series debuting on the After Hours HD Tv channel on Xbox.